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Your favorite skincare, makeup and fragrance; the organic version.


Balance & Beauty


Of flowers, resins, roots and gems


A collection of eight gender neutral organic scents that make you feel beautiful, sexy, and alive. Based on the classical chakra system of energy balancing, these fragrances are a perfect blend of ancient perfumes and modern science. Each bottle contains a unique synthesis of subtle energies and aromas from flower essences, essential oils and gem essences in a base of organic jojoba oil.



Apply every few hours directly onto the chakra points as well as wrists and behind the ears.


Any two Functional Fragrances may be blended together.




1st Chakra | Root | Muladhara

Warm earth and bright citrus with a spicy depth. GROUND fortifies and uplifts exuding strength and harmony. Comforting and reassuring.

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2nd Chakra masculine | Sacral | Svadhisthana

Exotic rich spice and warm earth with a little sweetness. HARD is reassuring yet enticing at the same time. It wants to sink down into something.



2nd Chakra feminine | Sacral | Svadhisthana

Delicate and sweet, strong but not overwhelming, and slightly resinous with a touch of vanilla. This scent is soft and soothing. You can trust WET and tell it all your secrets. 



3rd Chakra | Solar Plexus | Manipura

Spicy fruit and delicate flowers with a green freshness. LIVE is joyful while relaxing into action. Inspiring and motivating with a lightness of step.



4th Chakra | Heart | Anahata

Bright and sweet with flowers at it’s heart, wood at its depth, and a chocolatey note throughout. HEART is romantic and connected, radiating warmth. It is safe no matter what needs to be said or felt; a tender cocoon of self love.



5th Chakra | Throat | Vishuddha

Deep and exotic with fresh spices, aspects of pepper and flowers, and a hint of mint. VOX won’t stop until it completes its mission. It is purposeful and driving yet kind and compassionate.



6th Chakra | Third Eye | Ajna

A unified contradiction: warm and round yet crisp, delicately spicy and subtly floral but serious. CLEAR is quietly confident and focused. It doesn’t need to prove anything. In fact, it doesn’t even need to talk.

quiets and clarifies the mind, enhances concentration and focus, and awakens intuition

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7th Chakra | Crown | Sahasrara

Wood and grass with earth a little bit of spice. VIBE whispers to you, delicate and deep. Like sacred smoke it grounds into the air, radiant and harmonious.